The Contented Equine Consulting Service

Equine care consulting

Welcome To The Contented Equine Consulting Service.

The goal of The Contented Equine Consulting Service is to promote the health and wellbeing of domestic horses and to enhance the human/equine bond through excellence in handling and husbandry practices.

The Contented Equine Consulting Service emphasizes

  • Respect for the innate nature of the horse 
  • Safe handling 
  • Proper nutrition and housing of horses
  • Regular veterinary care encouraging optimum equine health and welfare
Online consultations and barn visits are available. 

Sign up for informative short courses on a variety of important equine subjects 

All information is based on over 40 years experience caring for horses as well as science and research based data

                                                  Please check out the Services page for more info

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